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Remember When?
With such a long and happy history, we've collected a number of stories. Travel back through time as our customers share some of their favorite Furr's memories.

Monthly Furr's Visits a Must at our Office
Furr's Fanatics are everywhere, including in my office, where I serve as the unofficial ''Furr's events chair.'' At least once a month, we pack our vehicles and celebrate such overlooked holidays as Furr-O-Ween, Furrs-O-de Mayo, Furrsgiving, and of course, Furr's Festivus in December. Our Furr's email list grows every month as more and more people want to join in the fun and good food. Many of our former employees continue to participate in our Furr's lunch outings. Thank you for the fun memories and good food. We'll see you soon!

Submitted by: Daniel Torres

Hi my name is Tammy Young and i lived and grew up in Amarillo TX.I grew up on Furrs food. Iam now in Tyler TX now ,i miss furrs alot, Irember when i took my husband to furrs in amarillo, he loved it we have lived in Tyler for 17 years without furrs, we have lubbys but they are nothing like furrs, so please come to tyler texas so we can have great food to eat. there is a place for sell on the loop 323 here . please bring back some of the greast memorys i had as a child.

Submitted by: tammy young

My All Time Favorite Place
Since I was a child in Pueblo, Colorado, Furr's Cafeteria has been there for me - literally. I remember going to Furr's as a child on special occasions, especially with my grandparents.

The reason why Furr's has been there for me was due to the fact my mother wasn't the best cook out there. She would always ''try'' to cook and ended up terrible. If it was either Beef Stew or meatloaf, my dear mother could not get it right. So I requested and demanded to take me to Furr's at the age of 12 to eat. I sat alone at the both and enjoyed every minute of my great prepared meal. Furr's employees always had a kind smile and happy to help!

Since I could remember, Furr's was there for me. Till this day, I'm very happy Furr's is still open in locations I can drive to.

Keep up the great work Furr's. I've been getting the same entrees, side dishes and dessert for over 15 years.


Submitted by: Tommy Martinez

Friday Nights At Furr's
When I was a kid, my family used to go to Furr's Cafeteria every Friday night in Boulder, Colorado.

I remember the gracious service and the wonderful carver for roast beef which was always so tantalising! I would regularly order either the beautifully sliced roast beef or my other favourite, salisbury steak with corn and buttered mashed potatoes.

I went to Furr's in Boulder for the last time in the 80s when I visited my grandmother--who, of course, took me to Furr's in the old Crossroads shopping centre. Furr's no longer exist in Boulder but I'm happy to see that you all continue elsewhere!!

Warm regards,

Alphonse Vinh Washington, DC

Submitted by: Alphonse Vinh

A Virginia Boy Discovers the Great West and Furrs
When I was twelve years old, my sister and I spent the summer in Hobbs NM with my Dad's sister, (Evelyn Brown) her husband, (Harry Brown) and my three cousins, (Charlie, Marshall, and Brinder Brown). I was smitten and enthralled by the wide open spaces of the desert southwest. After all, in Virginia if you could see a mile without the trees blocking your view, that was something, but to come to New Mexico, why this was a different world indeed! Some of my fondest memories were those of meals enjoyed at Furrs with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. Back then there was no such a thing as a Taco Bell. Even if there was, we wouldn't have had one in VA. But Furrs had Mexican food on the buffet. The first that I ever had, and it was fantastic! I was hooked forever. I think of Furrs every time I have Mexican food. My Aunt, Uncle, and one of my cousins have gone on to dine at the Lord's table. But seeing a Furrs on a recent trip to AZ reminded me of them. It is quite a testament to your fine establishment, that you can evoke such fond memories! Bradford Howard

Submitted by: Bradford Howard

Our first dinner?
We got married on 8/20/66 in Syracuse, N.Y.. and immediately left cental New York for a job in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We arrived on a tuesday, only 4 days after being married, found an apartment, got settled and needed groceries. We drove from Las Vegas to Albuquerque(sorry for the spelling, to get food. We asked the check out young lady where we could eat and she suggested your place. The food was good and the service was also good. We have never forgotten. We since moved ''back east'' and have always looked for a Furrs but you are not here. This week we will be in Colorado to visit our grandchildren and hope to visit your establishment again. It would be really great to take my bride of many years and our two children and a grandchild to your place again. Thanks for always doing such a good job of providing great quality at reasonable prices. Haven't forgotten you through all of these years. If there are typos please forgive as I am not as young as when we first vistitd. There would be 4 adults and a youngster if we can make it. Thanks again. Rick Axenson

Submitted by: Rick Axenson

furr's in abilene
well i first started going to furr's in abilene texas- when i was about 5 or 6 years old with my parents' furr's is kida like a family member to me it seems. maybe a second home? i'll always remember us being there together such a warm and happy feeling to be with my folks at furr's my favorite diner. thanks to my mother and father and the wonderful furr's for the wonderful memories.

Submitted by:

pickle gap to toadsuck arkansas
why i remember a time when the wife and i were headed to toadsuck arkansas, but stopped in pickle gap for some deelicious fudge. heck, that was a good memory, and the wife and i often tell it to friends (old and new) when we dine at furr's. we met at furr's when we were kids, and the food and friendliness remind us of those days long past. i'm so glad you still serve up that great food, at great prices, in a fine atmosphere. thanks for many great years, and great memories.

Submitted by: Paul Saunders

Furr's Was the Best in the 60's!
I was a little girl in Lubbock in the 60's and Furr's Cafeteria was our favorite place to go for the few times we got the chance to eat out. I remember hearing the piano player at the one in Town & Country Shopping Center. For a while during my junior high years, my Mom worked at that Furr's. I remember she wore a uniform just like the one on your website! My favorites were the chicken fried steak and Millionaire pie. So many wonderful memories at Furr's. Thank you.

PJs in Dallas, TX

Submitted by: PJ Spur

So many memories...
I have so many memories of times spent at Furr's that it's hard to pick just one to tell. Furr's is as much of my past and present as anything else I can think of. It's the place where my wife and I had our first date twelve years before we married! We had dated in high school and then went our seperate ways for many years before bridging a 1200 mile distance to find one another again. It's also the place where I saw my grandmother alive for the last time. I was home on leave from the Marine Corps and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with her at Furr's in Lubbock. After returning to Camp Pendleton, CA, I received a phone call saying she had passed away. Now today, every time I go back to that restuarant, I think of her. I can even still pick out the very table we sat at.

Submitted by:

Special Family Dinner
My wife Vanessa and I met in a college speech class at West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas. I was a senior who had put off taking the required course as long as possible, and she was a freshman. We sat at the front of class with two other people, another freshman girl and a middle-aged male preacher. The class was incredibly boring, so we mostly spent our time cutting up or making cracks about the professor’s gingham bell-bottoms.

Though Vanessa often mentioned her high school boyfriend, I liked her. One day after class, I helped her dig her car out of the snow and, not long after that, we started dating. We dated throughout the next four years while she completed her degree.

We had discussed getting married (well, she discussed it while I tried to avoid the conversation). Then one day, I surprised myself when I commented to my boss that if I ever got married, it would be to Vanessa. After that, I only saw a future with her in it.

I decided that I would ask Vanessa’s father for her hand in marriage on our next visit to Lubbock. When we began to plan a trip, I purchased an engagement ring. That first night at her parent’s house, while Vanessa and her mother were getting ready for dinner, I asked her father Bill for Vanessa’s hand. He was often a stern man, but I think I saw a tear in his eye. I told him that, if it was okay with him, I planned to ask her after dinner. Bill seemed delighted to be in on the secret.

Vanessa’s family had a ritual of eating at Furr’s on Friday night and then going to her grandmother’s house to visit the rest of the evening. Instead of driving straight to dinner, Bill first picked up Vanessa’s grandmother and her aunt and uncle. We went to the Furr’s on Indiana and the Loop in Lubbock and enjoyed all of our favorite foods. After dinner, Bill sat back, crossed his arms proudly, and announced (in what seemed to be a rather loud voice), “So, what are we going to do now?”

With the ring hidden on my shirt pocket button, I took his cue and stood up from the table. At that point I got nervous – I couldn’t get the button undone because my hands were shaking too badly; I had not expected to be playing to such a large audience. I finally got the ring off and got on my knee to pop the question. Fortunately, she said yes.

Thirteen years later, we still have a ritual of going to Furr’s, although our family goes on Sunday after church. Our two sons agree it is their favorite place to eat! I still get my Chicken-Fried Steak with pan-fried potatoes, and Vanessa has the baked fish – just like the night we were engaged.

Submitted by: anonymous

Prescription for Furr's
It was 1963, and we were expecting our first baby. During one of my check-up appointments, my doctor informed me that I was anemic. To remedy the situation, he gave us a slip of paper with a very specific prescription: ''Take Viola to Furr's once a week.'' It's been 41 years, and it is still our favorite place to eat!

Submitted by: Viola Brown, Santa Fe, NM

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